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New Logo For Life Center



The Life Center of Long Island is a small group of dedicated individuals that realized the necessity to help pregnant women in need. Established in 1986, The Life Center has grown into a pregnancy resource center serving over 250 women and assisting 300-400 by telephone each month. With teen pregnancy and single parent homes on the rise, it is essential that pregnant women choosing life have access to much needed support services. The goal of the Life Center is to empower pregnant and parenting women by providing them with the resources and emotional support needed to take care of themselves and their children and enable them to make healthy decisions for their future.

With the assistance of Lorraine Gregory Communications, a decisive rebranding plan for the Life Center was put into action. Our in-house design team developed a clean and modern brand while still maintaining their original essence.”

The logo was developed using a variety of weights from the Montserrat font family that conveys a sense of dedication and care that mirrors Life Center’s mission to encourage and foster public sentiment and respect for the dignity of human life. The wordmark places emphasis on ‘Life Center’ to symbolize the strength and determination of the Long Island community. The tagline was done in Merriweather Italic which gently accents Montserrat.

The new brand identity boasts an updated color palette that utilizes a stronger shade of blue that communicates the brand’s warm, sympathetic, and personal nature. This is accented by a softer blue that gives the brand a more approachable side.


The new icon for Life Center has a much more modern approach than its predecessor. Shedding its emblem styling for something cleaner, the icon resonates with an obvious care for children and families, allowing the brand to position itself better towards its prospective community.

If you’re looking to transform your brand, feel free to drop us a line!

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Greg Demetriou

Greg Demetriou

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