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End-to-end service nonprofits need for momentum in a dynamically changing market.

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Non-For-Profits face unique challenges; crowded marketspaces, donor retention and fatigue, and recruitment of volunteers, to administration including keeping up with new technology, employee turnover, streamlining programs, and scrutinized budgets. We are here for you.

LGC acts as a partner in your marketing efforts. We bring tools and tactics that move your cause forward, even working to help with grant writing and sourcing programs including Google Ad Credits for your cause.

Build Voice


Strong brands guide and unify donors and volunteers, and become symbols that promote trust, identify and identity.

Messaging & Campaigns

Messaging that move the audiences communicate values that connect, motivate, and activate people. They are compelling, repeatable and memorable.

Website Design

Nonprofits need websites that are more than informational, they need websites that help with the heavy lifting. From donations to administration, and support, they act as your 24/7 operation - we build that.

Move Missions

Video Moves

Nothing gets your story across quite like motion pictures. LGC Studios' award-winning team goes deep with an unsurpassed ability to get to the heart of your reason, carrying your message across all marketing channels.

Social Media Activates

When strategically planned, powerful social media can activate the community, targeting all demographics but especially an age demographic that is highly driven towards volunteerism. The viral possibilities make this marketing channel an important opportunity for not-for-profits looking for help.

Direct Mail Opens Doors

Getting to the home and heart of things,  direct mails is still one of the best ways to ensure you get in the door, it is extremely effective when integrated.



From creating campaigns and publicity around a special event, to acknowledging benefactors in a big way, the liaisons of not-for-profits are unique to the sector, and require planning, and meticulous management.


With over 30+ years of industry experience, LGC’s trusted relationships in the not-for-profit world offer co-operative opportunity.


From digital to print to streaming television, we make an impact with your messaging while maximizing budgets.




With over 30+ years in the industry, LGC is here for you. We can act as a right hand to ensure your brand and strategy remains streamlined, and our team can help supplement your marketing needs.


LGC began as a full-service print and mailing house, and our printing and mailing department remains today. From flyers to brochures, to giving reminders and more. We offer direct mail services, variable data serivices and specialized printing services from invitations, to banners and more.


LGC is a proud supporter of our community and not-for-profits, since our inception, paying it forward and giving back is part of our DNA. 

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