Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

GA4 Arrived: What Does it Mean for You and Your Business

On July 1st of this year, Google Analytics much anticipated update went into effect.

The GA4 update introduces a user-centric approach to its algorithm and is, therefore, focus is on user value reflected in both its search and analytics. This is in keeping with marketing movement towards hyper-personalization and the science behind customer journey, user’s digital experience and metric based analysis used when making marketing decisions.

The new GA4 dashboard integrates data from your website and apps, tracking customers across multiple touch points and devices, giving business owners greater insight into how customers find you on the internet. In addition, the GA4 data offers a better reveal of customer value over lifetime and a stronger analysis of interaction on your page.

Changes to the dashboard vernacular and loss of a few of Universal Analytics’ (UA) demographic features have been a disappointment to some. These changes are in keeping with new privacy protections.

As with all change, there is some bumping around and getting used to, but guides are available through Google and online. The important thing to note right now, if you have not migrated your UA analytics to GA4 your data is not being tracked.

Overall, changes are in line with Google’s mission improve everyone’s experience across the web. Websites that provide unique and valuable experiences to users, in other words helpful information in alignment with the user’s need or want, are rewarded through Google’s search algorithms.

Google is the top search engine brand across the web, with over 70% of all content being searched through its website. The enterprise continues to work to provide best-in-class experience for its users, encouraging website owners to do the same by providing website owners with the tools to help measure and improve their websites.

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