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CEO Podcast Broadens Scope

“Ask A CEO,” a video and audio podcast that was launched in 2017 with a local lens, has broadened its scope to include leaders from across the country.

Its founder, Greg Demetriou, said his focus is on the “CEO journey to the corner office,” noting that the tales are “as individual as the person.”

Demetriou is also the CEO of Edgewood-based Lorraine Gregory Communications.

But he said the podcast interviews “are a great way for CEOs to increase their personal brand and that of their companies.”

Podcasts have become increasingly popular – even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic, with audiences hungry for sports, entertainment and news that informs. ESPN’s podcasts, for example, rose to 44.2 million listeners in May, up 11 percent from the previous month, according to Radio Online.

And listeners like that they can access unique content any time through streaming platforms.

Demetriou said his series is available on Apple and Spotify, with videos available on the “Greg’ Corner Office” YouTube channel.

“Our plan is to grow the subscriber base and invite CEOs of significant companies in all industries across the country,” he said. “ The objective is to offer a higher level of executives and companies to share their journey to the C-Suite and their experience in being the leader.

Early interviews included John Collins, the former CEO of Winthrop Hospital. And the first video interview was with Michael Dowling, CEO of Northwell Health.

Expanding his range of sources, Demetriou recently interviewed Han Jin, CEO of Lucid, a California-based artificial-intelligence company that invented a high-definition camera, as well as Patrick Sherwin of Ohio-based GoSun, a provider of solar powered appliances.

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Greg Demetriou

Greg Demetriou

The author, Greg Demetriou is the CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications, the founder of GregsCornerOffice.com and the host of the Ask A CEO video and podcast show. He can be reached at [email protected].To learn more about Greg, read Greg's full bio page.