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What is “Integrated” Marketing?

Simply put, no jargon, no hype, integrated marketing is merely the mix of appropriate mediums, media and processes used to enhance the effectiveness of any campaign.

Confusion sometimes comes from the difference between medium and media. Motion pictures are a medium, billboards are too, print as well. Mediums are the type of platform used. Media is how you access an audience. Television, radio, social media and even websites are considered media. Meaning a platform for delivery of messaging. Therefore, integration is a mix of mediums and media.

In practice marketers must consider both medium and media when building the strategy for a campaign. Analyzing the purpose of the campaign, the audience demographics, and their content consumption methods is the first step in conceptualizing what the campaign will look like. Company branding is cornerstone to the creative process. Imagery, messaging, and calls to action must be brand specific.

Knowing the current consumption of content is critical when determining how and where the campaign will be rolled out. Does the audience consume content more on desktop or mobile/tablet/phone? What percentage of outreach do you focus on each delivery platform? The same goes for TV (broadcast, cable, OTT or DRTV), radio and print publications.

Nowadays campaigns can look like organized kaleidoscope segments. Kaleidoscope images are not static but perpetually changing and shifting. Monitoring each component is very important in maintaining the correct balance of individual facets. The advent of many sophisticated dashboard programs allows for real time analysis. The ability to see the data and make changes can greatly increase success. Gone are the days of regretting a decision and not able to do anything about it except suffer the consequences.  Social media channels can be interchanged, taken down or added to with ease. Even media buying is a fluid exercise, non-performing spots can be moved to more productive channels and shows.

Integrated marketing has come of age during these times of awesome technological advances. Every day new and exciting programs, SaaS platforms, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are being created and launched. The science is intriguing and very powerful in a marketer’s storehouse of tools.

The next time someone talks about integrated marketing, you can ask more direct questions about the intended mediums and media.

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Greg Demetriou

Greg Demetriou

The author, Greg Demetriou is the CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications, the founder of GregsCornerOffice.com and the host of the Ask A CEO video and podcast show. He can be reached at [email protected]To learn more about Greg, read Greg's full bio page.