LGC Staff Profile​

Mollie Wescott Barnett

Strategic Director

C.W. Post College, Brookville

An industry veteran, Mollie brings a deep understanding of the market, communications and technology to LGC agency strategies. An expert at defining and codifying goals and opportunities, she has led the development and execution of successful action plans across a variety of channels, from building and construction to tourism and health.

Over the course of her career, Mollie has steered supply chain brands to the top spot in their respective categories and put tourism and hospitality clients on the map. With a full depth of experience that ranges from corporate to SMBs in the B2B, B2BC and B2C markets, as well as NGOs, her wholistic and objective based approach brings success to client solutions. 

A member of the Forbes Communication Council since 2018, published writer, and entrepreneur, Mollie offers enthusiasm, collaboration, owner-acumen and a bank of creative resources to the LGC Communication team.

Favorite Quote


What was my favorite vacation spot?

I am a travel junkie that prefers the backroad and going local. From jetting to Belize and exploring the remote edges of the Maya Mountains, to trailer camping on the East End of Long Island, I love the natural world.

What would my superpower be?

Being able to breath underwater.

Who is my favorite comedian?

Steve Martin, for his brilliance and versatility – truly a renaissance man.

If you could go back in time, which time period would you want to visit?

Medieval England. I grew up in the UK for part of my childhood, surrounded by castles and leftover relics that were part of that history.

Favorite Animated Gif?


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