Making Killer Video Content!

Making Killer Video Content!

In today’s day and age of going live on your Instagram story, tweeting your daily activities, and smashing that like button on every cat meme you see – content marketing is raising in the ranks as an effective approach to communication.

Companies, small and large, and in a wide array of industries, are beginning to really focus their efforts on the content they’re creating for their audience – especially in the realm of video. As a Content Creator myself, I may be a bit biased – but nothing beats working with the pros when making sophisticated videos and animated explainers. Though there are many resources available to you to create video content on your own as well! Here are some tips to get the most out of your DIY videos.


Since smartphones first graced our pockets back in the summer of 2007, it’s revolutionized the way we capture pictures and videos. Most of our more modern models boast a 12-megapixel camera. Ready to start shooting some content for your social pages? Grab an employee who has the latest iPhone!
Now that you have your video equipment ready, it’s always a smart idea to have a piece of equipment to stabilize your video. No one wants to watch your intern hold a shaky camera across your desk at 9am on a Tuesday, that’s a BIG no-no.  Get yourself an inexpensive tripod (Like this one) to stabilize your video while you record. Removing the camera shake will elevate the appearance of your video and trust me – your audience (and your interns’ hands) will thank you.


Did you know, according to a 2018 study by Cision – the average attention span of a human is around 8 seconds? If that’s the case, then I’m lucky you made it this far down the article!
When making video content for your audience – embrace the KISS method. Keep it simple, stupid! Keep your videos, short, sweet, and to the point without compromising the value of the video. Consider the following when you’re recording: Are there filler words I can remove when I speak? Is the cadence of my speech moving along fast enough? Am I giving clear, concise, and quick statements?


Are there times throughout the year where your industry has a spike in engagement? For example, CPA firms around tax season, or bars and restaurants around the summer time. If your audience’s senses are heightened for your industry at certain points throughout the year, give them some video content to reaffirm your brand!


We’d all like to believe that our beautiful shining faces would be the sole reason for a user to stop and watch our video content, but that’s not always the case (sorry!). Be sure to label your video content with a catchy and appealing title, and some luring teaser copy to entice your audience.


With more and more people browsing the web on mobile devices, it’s imperative that your video content is mobile friendly. According to YouTube, nearly 50% of their users watch video on their phones! Optimize your content by using some techniques, such as vertical video (Learn more here).

There you have it! In a world where content consumption is rapidly changing, it’s time to adapt my friends! Grab your cameras, collect some topics, and start posting!