Getting Sticky With It

Getting Sticky With It

What is Website Stickiness?

Website stickiness refers to the ability of a website to attract, engage, and retain visitors over an extended period. It is not merely about getting users to visit your website; it is about keeping them there—navigating throughout your site, interacting with content and features—and having them visit again.

Two key factors in website stickiness performance ratings are engagement and retention.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is measured by the percentage of visitors who interact with a piece of content, either by clicking on a link, filling out a form, or spending a significant amount of time on a site.  Engagement can be increased by providing high quality content, optimizing the web design, encouraging interaction, utilizing multimedia, streaming your site, or personalizing content.

You can improve your site engagement by:

  • Prioritizing your most popular page
  • Personalizing marketing campaigns
  • Encouraging interactions with CTAs (call to action)
  • Monitoring content performance

Retention Rate

Retention rate measures the percentage of users that return to your website or app over a given period of time. It is particularly useful when married with your customer lifetime value and helps to analyze the business cycle, from awareness through acquisition, for better data driven metrics.

You can improve your site retention by:

  • Keeping content fresh
  • Becoming a valuable community resource 
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Monitoring content performance

The Bottom Line: Stickiness is an Enjoyable Experience

Intuitive navigation, fast load time, and valuable user content, encourage users to stay longer and return in the future, guiding them through the funnel and into converted customers.