Chemours 2022 Annual Report

Chemours 2022 Annual Report
Chemours Annual Report

Chemours 2022 Annual Report Wins Gold Hermes Award

Chemours, an American chemical company, specializes in the production and sale of performance chemicals, leveraging the power of chemistry to create a sustainable future.

In 2022, Chemours demonstrated strong performance, positioning themselves for continued success in 2023 and beyond. The theme, “Chemistry for a Sustainable Future” is illustrated the company’s progress, achievements, and commitment to transparency with as newfound emphasis on sustainable growth.

Recognizing our expertise in creative design and strategic communication, as well as our deep understanding of the financial market, Chemours trusted us with the task. The result? A Gold Hermes award-winning annual report, serving as a cornerstone for future reporting efforts and showcasing Chemours dedication to sustainable practices.