LGC Staff Profile

Greg Demetriou

Owner & CEO

Adelphi University

After a highly decorated tenure as a New York City detective,  Greg entered the business world in 1992 with the purchase of a small company in Bethpage. Today, he is blessed to run an energetic and forward-thinking company that helps companies consolidate their marketing efforts across all platforms and assures his clients’ messages reach each segment of their audience.

He is a nationally published author on marketing and business topics and an invited columnist in business publications. Greg is consulted by the media as an industry expert and has presented marketing seminars to businesses and organizations for over 28 years.

In 2017 Greg created Ask A CEO Interview Series to highlight the personal and professional journeys of CEOs. The catalog of shows includes over 25 COVID Chronicles with the total approaching 50 episodes. The show is now available in video and podcast versions.

Greg continually looks for new opportunities to grow Lorraine Gregory Communications into a media and communications company of the future, and recently built two video studios in his facility.

He is the recipient of many awards and recognitions from various industry, business communities and Non-Profit fundraising organizations.

Greg holds several board of directors positions, participates in various community outreach programs, and undertakes speaking and writing assignments not only for business but for the greater good of others less fortunate. His real passion is helping the many Not for Profit organizations in his area expand their cause-related services and fundraise effectively.

Favorite Quote

Bio Questions

What have you learned from the past in your profession?

My opinion does not matter, it is the result in the final analysis that counts.

Who is your favorite band?

The Beatles.

How do you relax after work?

A brief conversation with Mr. Vodka.

What is your finish line?

When I stop enjoying coming to work. So far, I still love it.

Favorite Animated Gif?



Videos Series
During Greg’s career he has asked many CEOs about their journeys to success. These stories show CEOs are very generous people and have been highly enthusiastic in participating in Ask A CEO. Some of the names you will recognize right away, and others maybe not so readily. Be assured that each occupies a position at the top of their industry and are all leaders in their own right.

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