Case Study Northwell Health



Northwell Health was seeking a streamlined process to communicate with existing patients and colleagues for their more than 4,600 member physicians and practices. Any delay or errors in communications via direct mail could very well lead to lost patients or legal exposure due to HIPAA violations.


Working closely with Northwell Health, HIPAA certified-Lorraine Gregory Communications and Outside SAA providers developed a comprehensive start-to-finish communication plan that expertly navigated production obstacles, including ensuring HIPAA compliance, managing data processing, designing materials, obtaining approvals, and purchase orders, to deliver a flawless print and Direct Mail campaign.

Importantly, the process seamlessly integrated into each partner's workflow to avoid adding undue burden on any specific entity with minimal human intervention.

The Results

Lorraine Gregory Communications earned preferred vendor status and upheld our precision execution history for more than 5 million pieces mailed throughout the development and implementation process. And has helped to limit Northwell Health’s HIPPA, legal and regulatory issues stemming from direct marketing communications.

Northwell Says

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