Case Study Island Federal Credit Union


Long Island Federal Credit Union had created a new brand identity as part of a larger effort to attract customers from a new and diverse markets. To create awareness of its rebranding, LGC helped to breathe life into the financial institution’s “IF” Campaign.


LGC Studios created a video strategy around the objective goals, emphasizing the ‘what ifs’ the financial institution could help accomplish in scripting. Utilizing motion graphics, the brand is emphasized, and the younger and diverse target demographic is visually communicated in the video representation, clearly conveying the brand’s core message.

The content was tailored for different platforms: concise TV spots and more detailed in-branch videos.

The Results

The final video was aired across television and in-branches across Long Island. Digitally, the video has garnered 350,000+ impressions to date. Long Island Federal Credit Union continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.

Video Spotlight

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