LGC Staff Profile​

Bobby Traylor

Marketing Coordinator

Five Towns College

Bobby is a proficient marketing specialist. His strengths are in Social Media and SEO. Bobby has dedicated himself to mastering these fields to anticipate how media platforms think. His focus is on bringing solutions for the best user engagement.

Bobby is a team player and collaborates across all departments to ensure the seamless execution of marketing goals. His added sales and service background helps him better understand marketing challenges. Bobby is highly motivated and continues to further his skills through online studies.

In the past he’s worked independently with local businesses as a marketer and more recently a fintech startup. He’s a personal trainer, plays guitar, enjoys chess, and is active in the Defi / Crypto space.

Favorite Quote


What is your favorite TV Show?

The Peaky Blinders

What are your favorite hobbies?

Chess, Gym, Crypto Currency, Guitar, Traveling

Who is your favorite comedian?

Andrew Shultz

What is the most daring stunt you have ever performed?

The week I turned 18 I went skydiving.

Favorite Animated Gif?


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